Switch off and relax.

Simply switch off, put your feet up and let yourself be pampered. Even if it’s not for long, the main thing is consciously to enjoy this moment of tranquillity. Take pleasure in it. Savour this happy time to the full. And also allow your body and mind to recover if you have been exerting yourself. That’s exactly what our world of wellness is for: to help you unwind after an action-packed day. Or why not simply spend a whole day taking it easy?

For your wellbeing, we offer:


Indoor Pool

With a blissfully warm water temperature of 29 degrees, sophisticated lighting and a quiet room that is flooded with light and has amazing panoramic views.


Finnish Sauna

At the ideal temperature of around 85 degrees, to pep up your circulation, relax your muscles and boost your immune system.


Steam Bath

Enriched with vapours of plant extracts that are beneficial for your health and help you sink into the deepest state of relaxation.


Hydro-massage showers

To invigorate body and mind.


Heated bench with Kneipp pool

To stimulate your circulation


Vital Bar

Vitality Bar with drinking fountain so you can rehydrate after the sauna and enjoy some healthy refreshment.

If we enjoy being alive, the moments of happiness will come of their own accord.

Ernst Ferstl

Relax with a massage

Our massage offer is as individual as you are - for more detailed information or to make an appointment for your feel-good times, please contact reception directly or call 081 385 8888.

Whole-body massage

Targeted loosening of the muscles of your back, neck and legs using gentle massage techniques with deep-down effectiveness.

50 Minutes
CHF 120.00 (+ CHF 10 with aromatherapy - a choice of pure, natural oils)

Partial body massage

Targeted loosening of the muscles of your back, neck or legs as preferred, to relax you and stimulate your circulation.

25 Minutes
CHF 65.00 (+ CHF 5 with aromatherapy - a choice of pure, natural oils)

Sports massage

In addition to conventional techniques, this massage also uses the trigger point technique, to address the special needs of athletes and their concerns relating to specific sports. It focuses on different parts of your body, depending on your sport.

25 Minutes     50 Minutes
CHF 70.00      CHF 130.00