Dive in and relax.

Our newly created world of wellness is the ideal place to rediscover your vitality. Our tempting range of wellness & spa offers give you the chance to step back from your everyday routine, rediscover yourself and top up your energy levels.

Swimming in a newly created enviroment

The stunning indoor pool is truly eye-catching. And with a pleasantly warm water temperature of 29°, you're bound to feel fantastic. The video projection on the wall and, not least, the sophisticated lighting will make your experience in the pool area quite sensational. The open glass frontage to the panoramic room means the spa is flooded with light and warmth.

Finnish sauna

he ideal temperature for this traditional sauna is about 85° Celsius. A proper sauna puts less strain on the heart and circulation than a very hot bath. The heat encourages perspiration and the release of waste products such as fatty acids, urea etc. from the body. The high temperature boosts the circulation and relaxes all your muscles, stimulating the body to dispose of more waste products.

Steam bath

The cabin is filled with the vapours of plant extracts. This is a way of providing the body with important minerals, trace elements and healing substances which have a beneficial effect in maintaining or restoring your good health. Furthermore, the different fragrances – there are four natural aromas to choose from – help you to relax, improve your ability to work and concentrate and create a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Hydro-massage showers and many other highlights

Hydro-massage showers are invigorating for your body and mind. Relax on our heated bench with Kneipp pool and enjoy the beneficial effects of boosting your circulation. Afterwards, treat yourself to a healthy drink at the Vitality Bar.


Balance and relaxation.
Whole-body massage - Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Whole-body massage

Relaxes and unwinds you and stimulates your circulation

Gentle massage techniques with deep-down effectiveness
50 mins - CHF 120.00

With aromatherapy - a choice of pure, natural oils           
50 mins - CHF 130.00

Partial body massage, Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Partial body massage

Targeted loosening of the muscles of your back, neck and legs

Relieves tight muscles, relaxes and boosts your circulation
25 mins - CHF 65.00

With aromatherapy - a choice of pure, natural oils
25 mins - CHF 70.00

Sports massage, Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Sports massage

After sport or exercise or in preparation for your next training session

25 mins - CHF 70.00 | 50 mins - CHF 130.00


Foot reflex zones massage, Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Foot reflex zones massage

Pressure point stimulation; to balance energy flow and support self-healing processes 

25 mins - CHF 65.00 | 50 mins - CHF 120.00

Alpine hot stone massage  - Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Alpine hot stone massage

This massage with hot stones boosts your body's natural functions and relaxes your muscles

50 mins - CHF 130.00 | 75 mins - CHF 170.00

Miru micro pressure - Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Miru micro pressure

An effective technique that uses your body's own regulatory and functional systems to equalise imbalances. Micro pressure applied with a thin metal rod stimulates your body's own regulatory systems and helps to restore optimal balance and equilibrium, physical relaxation and alignment. A feeling of lightness and freedom returns.

15 mins - CHF 40.00

Miru deep tissue spinal massage - Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Miru deep tissue spinal massage

The reflective, manual techniques of Dorn and segment massage are combined with micro pressure to have a loosening yet energising effect on the spine, relaxing the whole organism and stimulating regeneration of intervertebral discs.

60 mins - CHF 140.00 | 75 mins - CHF 170.00

Chlindren's massage - Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

For our younger guests, aged 12 years and under

Children's massage 20 mins - CHF 50.00

Relaxing combi massage  - Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Relaxing combi massage

Relaxing combi massage
Soothing whole or partial body massage combined with foot reflex zones massage
50 mins - CHF 130.00 | 75 mins - CHF 170.00

Miru spinal harmonisation (like Reiki), Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide

Miru spinal harmonisation (like Reiki)

A treatment to align the spinal column based on human energy flows. It boosts overall health on the basis of physical principles, provides maximum stimulation to the body's natural regulatory systems and activates energy flows.

Blockages caused by scar tissue may also be reduced by any Miru treatment

50 mins - CHF 125.00

Lymph combi massage, Massages in Lenzerheide, Sunstar Hotel Lenzerheide, Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Lymph combi massage

For revitalising lightness. Back and neck massage combined with facial lymph drainage lead to deep relaxation and decongestion in the face, head and neck area, and can also relieve tension-induced headaches

50 mins - CHF 120.00


Wellness price list
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