The escorted activities in the Sunstar programme offer you some fun and the opportunity to meet other guests and local residents and have close encounters with nature. That means the memory of the holiday stays with you for even longer.

Something for everyone.

The formula sounds promising: the programme is based on the wide range of activities available in the resort, enhanced by creative and social activities, and garnished with anecdotes and local events. Some of the experiences would not be possible for you on your own. By discovering their holiday region together, even people who know it well and regular Sunstar visitors can always find something new to surprise them.

Time that remains.

Start each day with lots of energy, try something new in the snow after your skiing and finish the evening in good company. The Sunstar programme of activities is bound to enrich your holiday and make it an even more intense and enjoyable experience. For sports fans, nature lovers, singles, families, couples and more: there's something to suit everyone.